Falun Dafa Website

http://falundafa.org - Main Falun Dafa webisite offering languages from around the world. At this website you learn how to practice Falun Dafa, Obtain free literature, watch free online lectures and videos.

Falun Dafa Information Center

http://faluninfo.net - News bulletins, current events and in-depth reports offering perspective on the persecution in China. Helpful information for VIPs, media, NGOs and others seeking to understand the history of the practice and the ever-evolving situation in China. Based in New York.

Pure Insight

http://pureinsight.org - Articles written primarily by practitioners covering a wide range of topics in science, society, the arts, the humanities and more. Most content is translated from its Chinese-language sister website, Zhengjian.org. Updated weekly.

Clear Wisdom

http://clearwisdom.net - First-hand reports about Falun Dafa activities, as well as articles of particular interest. Updated daily.